Privacy Protection on new Facebook Timeline

Facebook privacy settings on new Timeline

Facebook privacy settings on new Timeline

A radical change will be enforced onto all Facebook personal profiles in the next couple of weeks in the form of a new Timeline which changes how people’s information is displayed. When the change hits your profile, you have only seven days to change the privacy settings on your own account and more importantly, your child’s account or they’ll default to the ones set by Facebook.

In the top right hand corner of the Facebook personal profile, choose the privacy settings option from the drop down menu. The main privacy page pops up and allows you to set an overall default setting and also allows you to examine five separate categories.

Setting privacy on past posts

Today, we’ll look at managing how all past posts will be handled to ensure adequate privacy for what you have posted on Facebook prior to the change over to the new Timeline.  One this main privacy page, go to the second last item ‘Limit the audience for past posts’. Click on the right hand option there called ‘Manage past post visibility’.

Facebook Timeline Privacy



Then a window will pop up

Facebook Timeline Privacy

I recommend that you read the ‘Learn about changing old posts’ option in the bottom left hand corner. Then, click on the ‘Limit Old Posts’ button.

Facebook Timeline Privacy

Click on the ‘Confirm’ button if you are happy to limit old posts on your timeline without reviewing them.

Manually setting privacy on individual posts

You can manually change the privacy on any individual post. To do this, click on the ‘Activity log’ button below the cover image on the homepage of the timeline.

Facebook Timeline Activity Log

Using the handy year and month timeline on the right hand side, go to the post you want to edit the privacy settings for. If your post was a status update, click on the cog like icon on the right hand side of it. This drop down menu will allow you to change who can see the post. If your post was liking a page, you will be able to see a circle on the right hand side which, when clicked, will allow you to ‘unlike’ the page or hide it from your timeline. If your post was a comment, you will be able to delete it.

What can the public see?

Lots of people are worried, even after applying the privacy changes, as to what their profile looks like to the general public. To see what everyone (even people who aren’t friends) can see, click on the cog like icon under the cover photo, then select ” view as” from the drop-down menu to see how your profile looks to the public.

Facebook Timeline View As


Finally, it’s worth mentioning that there is one part of your Timeline which you can’t make private and that is your cover image. So be careful what photo you choose!

Have you switched over to the new Facebook Timeline yet? What do you think of it?



Debbie Woodward

Debbie is a FETAC qualified trainer and delivers Social Media training for the Sligo County Enterprise Board in Ireland. Debbie also delivers talks on Internet Safety to parents and students in schools and also teachers in education centres. You can find Debbie on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.



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