Should we teach Social Media in the classroom?

Could this boy be learning about Social Media in the classroom?
Could this boy be learning about Social Media in the classroom?

Image courtesy of Corbis Images

There’s a call for social networking, online etiquette and role-playing to be taught in schools in a bid to tackle cyberbullying.

One school counsellor in Australia recently said that she sees a case of cyberbullying at least once a day and often police have to be called.

Parents and teachers often lack the skills to know what children are getting up to online. Could you see a Social Media ‘module’ being added to the Irish curriculum? What do you think?

Debbie Woodward

Debbie is a FETAC qualified trainer and delivers Social Media training for the Sligo County Enterprise Board in Ireland. Debbie also delivers talks on Internet Safety to parents and students in schools and also teachers in education centres. You can find Debbie on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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