Beware of Ask.fm

BeWebSafe asks if the Ask.fm social Q&A website is safe for teenagers to use?

BeWebSafe asks if the Ask.fm social Q&A website is safe for teenagers to use?I wanted to write this post to let parents know that there is a potentially dangerous website that is becoming very popular with teenagers at the moment. Ask.Fm is a social Q&A website which allows those who join the opportunity to create a profile URL using their Facebook profile. They can then be asked questions by people who choose to leave their name or anonymously (which most seem to do). Questions that have recently been answered are visible on the users profile page. Ask.fm also allows to record video using webcam and post it as answer to the question!

From looking at this website, I’m shocked at the very public conversations that are happening in this forum. I’ve seen conversations where ‘people’ are anonymously¬†telling a 13 year old girl to die as she’s not pretty enough or telling a 14 year old boy to kill himself as he’s gay.

I think as parents we need to be vigilant about cyberbullying and make sure that our kids aren’t using this website.

Have you seen this website?



Debbie Woodward

Debbie is a FETAC qualified trainer and delivers Social Media training for the Sligo County Enterprise Board in Ireland. Debbie also delivers talks on Internet Safety to parents and students in schools and also teachers in education centres. You can find Debbie on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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