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Facebook Social Networking site

Teachers warned about friending pupils

At the UK’s National Union of Teachers’ Conference on Sunday, teachers were being warned not to “friend” pupils on Facebook amid concerns over the blurring of boundaries between school staff’s professional and private lives. Teachers were told that pupils are getting access to potentially embarrassing information about teachers on their Facebook pages, while principals are

Age-based Guidelines for Internet Use

A parent asked me a couple of days ago how the rules for Internet Safety change as their kids get older. I’ve put together a list of age-based guidelines for childrens Internet Use. I hope that you find it helpful. It’s important to remember that these are guidelines only. Up to age 10 Supervise your children

Internet Safety Video from 90′s

The acting and the technology may have moved on considerably but the message is still the same!! Ironically, if you try to watch this video in YouTube, you’ll have to make sure that Safety Mode is switched off!

Mobile Minder mobile app

New Irish Mobile App helps combat cyber-bullying

A new platform called Mobile Minder has been developed by a Dublin start-up which can help parents monitor their child’s mobile activities. It enables parents to view the people contacting their child and monitor messages sent to and from their child’s phone. It also has a location system that allows parents to pinpoint where their

Presentation on Internet Safety to parents at local school

BeWebSafe talks to parents

Last night, I delivered a presentation to a group of parents at a local school. I was delighted with the number of people who turned up, all keen to learn more about Internet Safety. During the presentation, I covered the following topics’s Top Tips on protecting your child on the Internet Demo of installing

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