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Top tips for Parents on Safe Internet Use

There’s alot of information out there on what parents should know or do in relation to promoting safe Internet use in their home. I’ve put a quick list together of things that parents should consider : Talk to you child about the Internet, find out what they like to use it for Discuss with your

Download Play & Learn: Being Online Book

UPC and Webwise have launched a new e-safety activity booklet, Play and Learn: Being Online, aimed at children using the internet. Available in nine languages, the booklet’s activities also help develop basic language, math, social and cultural skills. Play and Learn is targeted at children aged from 4 to 8 years and introduces concepts of

National Parents Council Primary Press Release

Did you know that in a recent EU Kids Online survey, it was found that over half of Irish children are using the Internet for more than one hour each day! Read more fascinating statistics about our children’s Internet use in the official Press Release from the National Parents Council Primary.

Safer Internet Day

February 8th 2011 is ‘Safer Internet Day’. This is part of a worldwide initiative to promote safe use of the Internet for everyone. There are a series of  ‘Safer Internet Talks in Schools’ taking place around Ireland throughout February. To find out details of a talk near you, visit WebWise Ireland (the Government body setup

Google SafeSearch

Google have a feature that lets you lockdown SafeSearch settings. Once you put your search on lockdown, you’ll know your results are safe because you’ll see big, coloured balls at the top of the browser. I don’t believe that it means that your kids are completely safe from finding adult content online, but I do feel

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